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Campus violence - Senseless school shootings- Schools on lockdown- Students marching in the street- Kids anxious and parents fearful-Gun control debate- Armed teachers debate… what else can be done?


The P4SS Campaign is a school prayer movement made up of students, parents, teachers, youth leaders and volunteers who are praying for school safety at their school as well as on school campuses Nationwide. 

Join the P4SS Campaign and be a part of the 200,000 people praying for our Nation's schools by 2020! To join the campaign, simply sign up for the free P4SS Texts!


Then sign up for the P4SS Texted Prayers and we will text you self-guided prayers that you can pray yourself, over your kids or with a group each day of the school week. 


About Us

P4SS was developed as a natural response to protect our kids and schools from senseless
violence. It is a proactive strategy that is not widely being discussed. It is an added resource to
everything that is already being done to prevent school violence. Praying for God’s peace, safety and
protection is the missing link.

What Leaders Are Saying

Brad Dacus

Pacific Justice Institute 

“We at Pacific Justice Institute stand with Pray4SafeSchools participants who pray for safety for our schools, and the ministers, chaplains and assembly organizers who bring messages of hope to our students. Our team of legal experts is here to give counsel, and ready to defend your 1st Amendment rights, all without charge to you."

David Schmus
Executive Director, CEAI

“CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL encourages our teachers to pray for our schools and students. We support student led prayer, and many of our teachers serve as sponsors to campus bible clubs. We appreciate the involvement of youth leaders, parents and volunteers who invest in the future of our students. CEAI supports the mission of the PRAY4SAFESCHOOLS campaign, and encourages our teachers to pray privately and share this with their friends, church and family.

Benny Proffitt, Founder
First Priority

“First Priority is dedicated to supporting students on and off the campus. We encourage local churches, and the business communities to get involved, come alongside the schools, and make a difference. Our kids need hope, our help and our prayers, Prayer is something we can all do, and is certainly needed. Let’s join together and make PRAY4SAFESCHOOLS a daily priority.”

Yale Kim, Chairman

US National Prayer Council 

“There is a prayer movement happening in this next generation. School violence has created an increased urgency to pray. PRAY4SAFESCHOOLS is giving students the tools to pray, text and connect with each other for safety on their campuses. US National Prayer Council believes in the importance of mobilizing prayer and encourages us all to pray daily for the protection of our students.”

Dai Sup Han
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!

“As a former Los Angeles High School teacher and an ardent advocate of education I am greatly concerned for student safety. As a parent, my heart goes out to all parents and students. As a prayer leader, I petition all to pray for the safety and protection of our students and schools. Pray4safeschools is a convenient way for us to remember to pray daily for our kids.”

Join the Pray4SafeSchools Campaign!


Let's get 200,000 people praying for school safety by 2020!