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Legal Guidelines

For Non-Students 

The following are guidelines on how to volunteer on campus and how to share your faith. Remember, every volunteer must be approved by the school administration, and have permission to enter the campus. They must also pass a background check.


Parents, youth leaders, chaplains, tutors, mentors, coaches, guest speakers and volunteers can be on campus with the prior approval of the administration. Youth leaders can meet with students on campus during open access periods, or organize activities open to all students, with the prior approval of the administration. Everyone can attend activities open to the public. Non- students cannot proselytize on public school campuses. However they can pray privately on campus; they can pray publically and share their faith off campus.

For Students

According to Pacific Justice Institute, students can pray and share their faith on campus, take bibles to school, start Christian clubs and hold prayer meetings and Bible studies on campus: 


·  Students have a right to start Bible/Christian clubs on campus

·  Students can share their faith on campus

·  Students can pray on campus

·  Students can take their Bibles to school  

·  Students can write papers and speak on Christian topics as class assignments

·  Schools can be used for religious purposes outside of school hours

·  Schools can acknowledge/celebrate religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter

·  School districts may determine confidential medical release policies

·  Parents have the right to participate in decisions relating to the education of their children

·  Parents can opt their children out of comprehensive sex Education & HIV/Aids prevention education

·  School districts have the authority to regulate political expressions by teachers in the classroom 

·  Schools may allow release time programs

·  Instructors can make references to religion while teaching

Legal Assistance 

To find out more about legally asserting religious rights and values in California schools and other states, contact Pacific Justice Institute.


Pacific Justice Institute 

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