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How to Start a Campus Club

Student led Bible Clubs & Campus Clubs

Student led Bible Clubs can be held during lunch and school time. Students need a teacher to sponsor the club and administrative approval. Student leaders may be trained by their youth leaders and are free to share their faith with classmates.  They can also invite classmates to their church youth group.

How to 

How to start a Campus Club

Students: decide what you want to do with your club. Do you want to pray for the students and school, pray for needs, host a “see you at the pole” event, have a bible study, bring in guest speakers, etc? Choose a name for your club. Decide when do you want to meet and where. You can even pray for needs as you walk around campus. Designate a leadership team. Ask a teacher to sponsor. Get approval from administration. Ask a youth organization or church to train you in leadership and you give ideas. Ask organizations and local businesses to donate pizza, donuts, bottled water, etc.

Start with a small group, and have each one invite another student, and pretty soon your club will grow and multiply organically. Share and invite people on social media.

Pray for the needs of the students and staff. Do acts of kindness: serve breakfast to teachers. Give out free pizza or donuts and prayer at a table in the quad during lunch or free time. Host events open to all the students.

Student Led Pray4SafeSchools Prayer

Students can gather and pray with fellow students during their free time on campus. Students can meet regularly before during, or after school to pray. They can walk around their campus and pray. Informal prayer does not constitute a school club, and doesn’t need administrative approval.


Start a P4SS Campaign or Campus Club (with administrative approval)

Set up table in quad, give out free food. Put up sign. Give out free wrist bands to Pray4safeschools to students over 13 yrs. old. Have them text to sign up. Order wristbands and sign from

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