8 Point Prayer Guide

Individual prayer:
Pray each prayer. Click on link to read the scripture. Thank God for answering our prayers!

Group prayer:
Leader/organizer reads each prayer point, the scripture link and then invites others to join in prayer.
Leader/organizer reads the next prayer point, scripture and invites others to pray.
Leader/organizer leads or invites someone to pray a closing prayer.

1. Campus safety

We pray for God’s peace, safety and protection over our students, teachers, families and schools. Lord, send your angels to protect our schools. Ps 121:7-8

Lord, keep students safe and guard over our schools. Uncover and stop every pre-planned attack against our students and schools before they are acted on. Ps 21:11

2. Bullying

Lord, we pray that students practice kindness and don’t engage in, retaliate or respond to cyber or physical bullying. Give them boldness to report all aggressive bullying to their school. Romans 12:17

Lord, we pray that youth will be led out of gangs and destructive relationships. God, lead youth to faith in Jesus; break up the gangs and remove them from our schools and communities.  Ps 78:7-8

3. Depression and suicide

Over 3000 teens attempt suicide daily in the US. Pray for students struggling with depression and battling thoughts of suicide to receive counseling and find hope in God. Psalm 143:7-8  

Pray that teachers, parents, counselors and classmates notice, reach out and help kids suffering from depression, loneliness, deep psychological problems and suicidal thoughts. James 5:19-29

4. Academic proficiency

Pray for kids reading below grade level and struggling with school work to get help from teachers, parents and tutors. Low literacy is linked to absenteeism, behavioral problems, and school drop-outs. Phi 2:4

In 2016, in an overall academic average, US students ranked a shocking 31 out of 70 industrialized nations! Pray that our students are motivated to study, work hard to prepare for their future. 2 Tim 2:15  

5. Freedom of speech and religion

Pray that students learn and understand that the Constitution protects their freedom of religion and speech; pray for free, open and respectful discussions on K-College campuses. Gal 5:1

Pray for opportunities, favor and boldness for Christian students to share their faith and stand up for their beliefs at school. Pray that parents speak up for their parental rights. Ep 6:19

6. Student needs

Pray for English language learners, kids with learning disabilities and special needs to understand and apply their lessons.   Pray that homeless and truant kids get the counseling, tutoring and the support needed to stay in school. Mat 18:14 

Lord, we pray that students make good friends and avoid those who corrupt morals. Help them to avoid addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, and social media. Protect kids from age inappropriate sexualization.  Prov 13:20

7. Parents, teachers, tutors, mentors, coaches and volunteers

Pray for parents to take the primary role in teaching morals, values and faith in God to kids; pray  that parents are involved with kid’s homework, school, activities and their friends, and also monitor video games, movies, music and S/M content. Prov 22:6

We pray for wisdom and good success for teachers, parents, tutors, mentors, coaches, volunteers and youth leaders who work with kids to help them succeed. Pray that students act respectfully in class and at home, and obey teachers and parents. Proverbs 15:22

8. Hope and faith in God

As students face personal challenges, and worry about reports of instability in the world, pray they know that God has good plans for them; plans for good and not for disaster, to give them a future and a hope. Jer 29:11

We pray the Lord’s Prayer as a covering over our schools. God, let your kingdom come and your will be done; we invite your presence, right order, peace and joy to come back in to our schools.  Mat 6:9-13

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