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Individuals, family and friends

Will you unite your family and friends to pray for your schools?

Families and friends care for the safety and protection of all their students. The P4SS Day of Prayer brings people together to pray for their schools at the beginning of the school year.
Unite your family, friends and neighborhood to pray for your schools.
Organize a P4SS Day of prayer gathering at your home, neighborhood or at work.
Organize a P4SS prayer conference call.
Email your family and friends to sign up at the website.
Forward the video here and shareable stuff.
Ask people and organizations to post P4SS banners on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Ask people to register their city and claim their school here.
Get the 8 Prayer Points Guide here.

Get the Media kit here.

What if you can’t meet to pray on P4SS Day of prayer?

Pray on a day when you can. God hears our prayers!
Let us know you’re praying.
Register your city and claim your school here.

Connect register your event here.

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