Student's Promo kit

Will you unite your campus, youth group or club to pray for your schools?

P4SS is all about campus safety, student's needs, their challenges and  finding hope in God.  Every student faces many of these needs in their own lives, and sees them in the lives of other students. The P4SS Day of Prayer is your time to come together with your friends, Christian club and youth group to pray for your school.

Remember this is your school, and you have the right to pray for it!

Students have legal rights to pray at school. Prayer must be student lead and student initiated.
You can pray before school, at lunch, in your club, or outside any school building.
Prayer must be student lead but you can invite adults: club advisors, coaches, teachers, youth pastors and parents. They can pray with you but cannot lead or initiate. See the Students' Religious Rights Guide.


  • Register your city and claim your school. Let us know where you are praying

  • Before the event, inform your principal, as a courtesy, that you will be praying for safe schools

  • Invite the Christian organizations on your campus

  • Invite your church youth group to pray together, and/or at their schools

  • Invite adults to attend, but let them know this is a student led event

  • Let students know where and when you will be praying on campus

  • Ask students to invite their friends through text, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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  • Get the 8 Prayer Points Guide here

  • Watch and share the promo video here

  • Get Media kit here

Student's rights:

The Supreme Court has stated that students have the right to hold student led prayer, read their Bible before school, at lunch or outside any school building. Know your rights. If you are opposed by the administration, politely express your rights, and direct them to the Students' Religious Rights Guide.

If you need legal assistance, contact:

Pacific Justice Institute or call (916) 857-6900

Alliance Defending Freedom or call (800) 835-5233

Liberty Institute (972) 941-4444

if opposed or heckled by students:

Let them know that student-led prayer is legal and that you are exercising your 1st Amendment Right of freedom of religion.
Tell them you are praying for your campus to be free of violence. Ask if they want to join you.
Be respectful, and go back to prayer. Ignore the distractions. Remember you are representing Jesus Christ!

What if you can’t meet to pray on P4SS Day of prayer?

Pray on a day when you can.

Connect and claim your school here.

Register your city and claim your school here.

God hears our prayers!
Let us know you’re praying.